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Five Star View by Blagoja Jankoski on Flickr.
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Martin Penk
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Cool Lights by Noppawat Charoensinphon
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(NASA)  Shiny NGC 253 is one of the brightest spiral galaxies visible, and also one of the dustiest. Some call it the Silver Dollar Galaxy for its appearance in small telescopes, or just the Sculptor Galaxy for its location within the boundaries of the southern constellation Sculptor. First swept up in 1783 by mathematician and astronomer Caroline Herschel, the dusty island universe lies a mere 10 million light-years away. About 70 thousand light-years across, NGC 253 is the largest member of the Sculptor Group of Galaxies, the nearest to our own Local Group of Galaxies. In addition to its spiral dust lanes, tendrils of dust seem to be rising from a galactic disk laced with young star clusters and star forming regions in this sharp color image. The high dust content accompanies frantic star formation, earning NGC 253 the designation of a starburst galaxy. NGC 253 is also known to be a strong source of high-energy x-rays and gamma rays, likely due to massives black hole near the galaxy’s center.
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Scenes from the Life of Andy Warhol: Friendships and Intersections

Jonas Mekas, 1990

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Impression of scintillating scotoma occurring in an artist
Scintillating scotoma is the most common visual aura preceding migraine. This depiction is showing the distorted field alone; it does not depict the normal parts of the field of vision.
A scotoma is any area of alteration in the field of vision. Some are due to defects in the eye or the optic nerves, but scintillating scotomas are not. They are caused by migraines (or many other possible causes) interfering with the processing abilities of the occipital cortex. The scintillating scotoma flickers and blurs vision, but is never dark. It can hinder ability to read and drive, among other things.
Clinical Lectures on Diseases of the Eye. J. Elliot Colburn, 1902.
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I think my biggest challenge is that a lot of the time, people see you as only one thing. It’s not their fault, because you know someone from what you know them from. But I don’t consider myself a comedian; I consider myself an actor who does comedy…and also drama. I’ve done dramatic roles—I really love them and hope to do a lot more.
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Opaque  by  andbamnan